6 Tips for Choosing the Right Excavation Contractor in Ontario

Excavation Contractor Ontario

If your next construction project requires major excavation, handling it yourself will be challenging unless you’re knowledgeable enough, understand the land leveling, and have all heavy machinery required. You may need to hire a professional excavation contractor so you know the job gets done right.

However, it’s important to choose a reliable and experienced excavation contractor to ensure the work is done properly and there are no errors that could affect your project.

Do you need help? Read on to find six tips on how to choose the right excavation contractor in Leamington, Ontario.

 #1 Evaluate Multiple Excavation Companies and Compare Their Services

Ideally, you should evaluate several excavation companies and compare the services they offer. However, this takes time.

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Since excavation is a broad field, some companies specialize in particular areas like: land clearing, site preparation, grading and trenching. That means their contractors are only willing to handle specific types of work, such as drainage or custom trenching.

Also, excavation services can be further divided into two main types, which are:

  • Residential excavation services, which often involve preparing small building sites
  • Commercial excavation services, which are often required to prepare larger building sites or entire acreages of land

If you want to find the right excavation contractor in Leamington, the first thing you should do is define your needs. After that, compare the services different companies offer and choose the one that aligns with your project requirements. RGC Construction has been in business for over 25 years, with extensive knowledge in both greenhouse construction, and steel buildings.

When you choose a contractor specializing in the type of work you want done, you don’t have to worry about vetting, hiring, and managing multiple companies for different tasks. Instead, you’ll get everything you need under one roof.

#2 Ask Those Companies for a Portfolio of Their Previous Work

Did you find a few excavation companies offering the services you need? The next step is to request more information about their previous works to evaluate their quality.

If you take a look at a company’s portfolio, you’ll also know if contractors have the necessary skills for the type of project you need and what it takes to get high-quality results.

It’s essential to ask the contractor to provide photos or videos of prior excavation projects. You can use them to evaluate the results in detail. Besides getting a sense of their previous work, you’ll better understand their methods.

If you don’t like the results of the company’s previous excavation projects, remove it from the list.

#3 Check The Contractor’s Licenses and Certifications

Contractors can prove their competence and reliability through construction-related licenses and certifications.

In Ontario, contractors must have a Certificate of Qualification to demonstrate that they’ve completed the necessary apprenticeship and on-site training requirements in order to legally work in certain skilled trades.

Additionally, Ontario excavation contractors must comply with specific regulations. They’re required to locate and mark all underground utilities before starting any project in this area.

Excavation companies may also need licenses and permits required by the federal, provincial, or municipal governments for specific projects, including those involving electrical systems or swimming pools, for example.

If you choose a contractor with the required licenses and certifications, you’ll know that your excavation project is in good hands. Also, you’ll be protected from potential damages and have a proper contract with all the terms and conditions.

 #4 Ask For References and Testimonials From Previous Clients

While taking a look at pictures or videos can give you a sense of the contractor’s previous work, many companies curate the content you can see on their websites. In other words, they’ll only showcase projects with great results.

Also, even if the result looks flawless, images and videos won’t show whether contractors completed the project on time and within budget. However, if you ask for references or feedback from former clients, you’ll be able to verify the company’s credibility or whether there was a good client-contractor relationship.


To get more information about previous clients’ experience with a Leamington excavation contractor, you can contact them directly. Most will be happy to warn you about potential issues, or they’ll highly recommend that company if they think it’s trustworthy.

 #5 Check the Excavation Company’s Equipment

As explained earlier, each excavation company is different. While some have the equipment necessary for large jobs, others only use smaller tools to excavate with high precision in urban areas.

You can take a look at the excavation contractor’s machinery and tools to determine if they’re equipped with the resources and materials necessary for your project.

Checking the company’s equipment will also help you know the types of jobs that contractors specialize in and whether they’re able to complete the excavation project within the deadline or can guarantee good results.

As a rule of thumb, you should choose a company with a fleet of heavy equipment if you need to excavate for metal building construction, for example. However, contractors with smaller tools can help you repair sewers and aqueducts.

 #6 Request a Quote from Various Excavation Companies

Your budget is also essential when choosing an excavation contractor that suits your needs and can handle your projects.

Each company can set different prices and deadlines, but this varies depending on the complexity of the project, the distance to the worksite, the equipment contractors need, and other important factors.

Before choosing an option, ask the excavation companies you’re evaluating for a quote. With this information, you’ll get the best chance of finding a contractor who offers services that fit your budget and meet your requirements.

Additionally, you can talk to the company’s manager and request additional information if you have more questions about their excavation services.

While considering your budget is crucial, remember that too low prices that seem too good to be true are a red flag! Instead of helping you save, this could result in monetary losses due to fly-by-night companies or poorly completed past projects.

Find a Trusted Contractor for your next Construction Project:

If you want to find a seasoned and reliable excavation contractor, you need to take enough time to evaluate multiple companies. In addition, you should compare their services, look for previous customers’ testimonials, and check out their equipment.

It’s also important to request information about licenses or certifications and completed excavation jobs. Although this process may seem daunting, these tips will help you get enough information to make well-educated decisions and get the best value for money.

How RGC Excavation Can Help You

Are you looking for excavation services in Leamington, Ontario? RGC Excavation Division provides professional heavy machinery services to those who need help with their excavation projects. Our excavation and trucking company offers comprehensive, professional, and efficient excavation solutions tailored to your construction needs.

At RGC Excavation, we have a team of skilled and experienced contractors and state-of-the-art equipment to execute each excavation project with the highest precision. We’ll prove that we can become your trusted industry partner. Contact us today!




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